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Best Spot around RAJAKLANA Resort, Villa And Spa - best resort in jogja

Yogyakarta is indeed a tourist paradise, not only the history and natural beauty but also the existence of the Tourism Village which is the main attraction. Each Tourism Village has its own characteristics, ranging from plantation products, handicrafts, food to the traditions of the village.

One of the Tourism Village which is famous for its craft is Kasongan. The village which is famous for its pottery craft is formerly the residence of the Gundi (the name for clay craftsmen). Not only in Indonesia, Pottery products made by Kasongan craftsmen have been traveling to Asia, Europe and America.

Currently Kasongan may be more famous than the name of his Village, namely Bangunjiwo. Driven by over 300 artisans, absorbing a thousand more manpower to make this craft center able to penetrate the international pottery market. Showroom lined neatly on either side of the road, combined with workshops of craftsmen, where we can directly make ceramics, Kasongan and art fairs are regularly held every year, making Kasongan become a memorable craft tour for anyone who visit it.

Kasongan is in its history the land of rice fields belonging to villagers in the south of Yogyakarta. At the time of the Dutch Colonization in Indonesia, in the area owned by one of the resident of a resident found a dead horse. The horse is thought to belong to Dutch officials. Because then the Dutch colonial period, the people who own the land is afraid and immediately release the land rights so as not to be prosecuted by the Dutch. Similar fears also occur in other residents who have rice fields in the vicinity who eventually also release the rights of the land.

The amount of free land, making other villagers immediately recognize the land. Residents who relinquish the rights of the land then turned the profession into a ceramic craftsman who initially just to throw the ground that is not broken when put together. Actually the land is only used for children's toys and kitchen furniture only. However, due to the diligence and tradition of hereditary, Kasongan eventually became a fairly famous Tourism Village.

As quoted from wikipedia, since 1971-1972, Kasongan Tourism Village progressed quite rapidly. Sapto Hudoyo (a great artist of Yogyakarta) helped to develop Kasongan Tourism Village by fostering the community of most artisans to provide various artistic and commercial touches for the design of pottery so that the resulting pottery does not create a boring and monotonous impression, but can provide artistic value and value high economy. Kasongan ceramics were commercialized on a large scale by Sahid Keramik circa 1980s.

Located in the Kajen hamlet, Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan district, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Region, near the Rajaklana Resort, Villa and Spa, the best resort di yogya. Kasongan can be reached from the city to Bantul with a distance of about 8KM and takes about 20 minutes. Not difficult to find the location because right at the main road junction, visitors will be greeted by a large red brick gate with Kasongan writing.

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  1. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Jenindra 8 Oct 2017 Reply
    I went to jogja on oct 2017 and first time stayed at Rajaklana Resort. The resort was very clean and well maintained, Very relaxing environment, staff was lovely and friendly, great service and stunning rooms. pool area is very entertaining and beautiful.
    1. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
      Rajaklana Resort, Villa And Spa 10 Oct 2017 Reply
      Thank You, we really appreciate Your visit,.. Romy Wen..
  2. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Ivander. J 7 September 2017 Reply
    Great evening @Rajaklana Restaurant. Having dinner with friends , celebrated one of my friend's birthday,It's really worth-ed. we got a special restaurant with a great city view, delicious Prawn and chicken dry chili , various fresh fruit juice, warm and friendly staff .It also has a very unique villa.
  3. resort-in-yogya, resort-in-jogja, resort-di-yogya, resort-di-jogja
    Marcy S 18 August 2017 Reply
    Rajaklana Resort access is close to Yogyakarta's famous craft center. The scenery surrounded by forests and mountains is so refreshing and you can enjoy truly beautiful sunset views from here. This is truly a magical paradise, good luck trying this beautiful place..

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